Time in Fiji:
Fiji Time: 08:17, Sunday 20th Apr 2014
Hurricane force winds battering Nadi
Time: 14:20 - 17/12/2012

Tropical Cyclone Evan has now moved closer to Nadi.

The Nadi Weather Office said the centre of the category 4 cyclone is currently 65 kilometres North North East of Nadi.

Hurricane force winds amounting to 190 kilometres per hour gusting to 270 kilometres per hour are being experienced in Lautoka from the last hour. 

As highlighted earlier on Fijivillage, this will continue until tonight.

Nadi will start getting hurricane force winds from this hour. 

This will continue until tonight.

For people living in Sigatoka, please be advised that you will start getting hurricane force winds from 5.30pm today. 

This will also continue until tonight.

Storm force winds are now being experienced in Rakiraki, Tavua and Ba. 

These areas will get winds averaging 100 kilometres per hour gusting to 140 kilometres per hour.

A gale warning remains in force for Cikobia, Taveuni, the rest of Vanua Levu, and nearby smaller islands, Northern Lau and Lomaiviti, the Central Division including Suva and nearby smaller islands, Kadavu, Beqa and Vatulele.

A damaging heavy swell warning remains in force for Fiji. 

Sea and river flooding is expected from later today and this will be severe.

Close to its centre the cyclone is expected to have average winds of up to 185 kilometres per hour with momentary gusts to 270 kilometres per hour.
Due to the category 4 status of Cyclone Evan, the system is expected to affect many land areas.

Destructive winds may begin several hours before the cyclone centre passes overhead or nearby.

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