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Fiji Time: 21:57, Wednesday 23rd Apr 2014
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International School Suva - Primary (Defending Champs)
"Treasures of the World" - Protecting our natural environment and precious gems.
Tacirua Primary School
"Making Wise Decisions" - Children learning to make the right decision even though they have the many temptations surrounding them.
Rishikul Primary School
"Act Now or Face the Consequences" - Natural disasters are unpredictable and scary - be prepared.
St Agnes Primary School
"Child Abuse" - Every child has a story - Are You Aware.
John Wesley Primary School (new)
"Peer Pressure - Your Choice Your Future" - The pressure put on children by their peers and elders.
Saint Marcellin Primary School
"Child with a Child" - Dealing with teenage pregnancy and a child’s hopes and dreams.

Lomary Secondary School (Defending Champs)
"Forget Not The Failures" - Recognizing creative talent in an educational system that pays attention to the ‘smart’ ones.
Suva Grammar School
"Threat of Social Networking Sites on Our Children" - Knowing the threats of new technology.
St Thomas High School
"Sustainability of Fiji’s Golden Greenery" - The importance of our forests - Fiji’s Green Gold.
Marist Champagnat Institute
"Every Child has only One Childhood" - Discovering the gifted, unique and special treasures in children from difficult and different backgrounds.
Cathedral Secondary School
"Breathe: There is Hope" - A story of HIV - one person’s story.
International School Nadi
"Journey to Redemption" - From drugs and substance abuse to freedom through dance.
Dilkusha Methodist High School
"Environmental Exploitation" - Greed leads to deforestation which leads to death and destruction of the environment.
Ratu Sukuna Memorial School
"Uniting Fiji through Volunteerism" - Acknowledging the volunteers of Fiji.
Sila Central High School
International School Suva - Secondary



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